Summertime High

I wrote this with the thought of being young in mind….Just remember to do good things with good people and create memories you’ll keep forever .

My generation are never lost for words,we’ll at least have a “Rahh” Left in us .Students with noodles for dinner creating rich memories in their pictures.

I dance to my favorite bangers like my life depends on it…well it does – because when it’s all said and done I ain’t regretting shit.Everyone wants to be the fly on the wall, I just want to fly and see it all.

They say it’s a race against time.But we don’t even have the motivation to walk,numbers on your phone but you rarely  talk.You know how it goes.we’ll all in the same boat so for now let’s just ride the wave and watch each other grow. And on this note, since we ain’t doing it twice being alive is the love of my life.


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